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A case study in the importance of teamwork in construction defect defense

Readers in the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area undoubtedly know of the Silver Spring Transit Center, a construction project famous for wide-ranging, complicated disputes. The center's owners (Montgomery County and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) sued the designer, inspector and general contractor for more than $75 million for allegedly defective design and construction.

Construction defect defense: privity

It is not a word many of us use in everyday conversation: privity. But this legal term is important in discussions of contracts because there must be "privity" - a legally recognized interest in the same matter - for one party (a property owner) to sue another (a general contractor).

State Supreme Court issues 'victory for construction subcontractors'

For those in the construction industry wondering if the exponential growth in construction defect claims will continue unabated, there continues to be hopeful signs here and there that courts are looking at relevant statutes with new eyes.

Anticipating Construction Industry Legal Issues for 2019

A new year is upon us, which means it is the perfect time to look back at what went right and wrong in 2018 and to look forward to what can be reasonably expected and planned for in 2019. A recent "Builder" magazine article helps readers anticipate legal issues likely to surface for those in the construction industry over the next 12 months.

Documentation can help minimize construction defect claims

Good, detailed documentation of your health history and past medical procedures helps your doctor to make accurate diagnoses. Accurate documentation also enables professors, students, historians, accountants, legislators and others do their jobs and keep others apprised of developments, changes and points of view.


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