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Part I: Construction defects case hinges on purchase agreement

We read recently of a construction law dispute that involves a developer, contractor and a general release. The case began back in 2005 when Variel Warner Ventures, LLC agreed to a construction contract with Verdugo Management & Investment, Inc. for improvements in an apartment complex.

Anticipating Construction Industry Legal Issues for 2019

A new year is upon us, which means it is the perfect time to look back at what went right and wrong in 2018 and to look forward to what can be reasonably expected and planned for in 2019. A recent "Builder" magazine article helps readers anticipate legal issues likely to surface for those in the construction industry over the next 12 months.

Documentation can help minimize construction defect claims

Good, detailed documentation of your health history and past medical procedures helps your doctor to make accurate diagnoses. Accurate documentation also enables professors, students, historians, accountants, legislators and others do their jobs and keep others apprised of developments, changes and points of view.

Part I: Potential defenses to construction defect claims

Those of us who have spent a few years in the Mid-Atlantic region know that our part of the country is as litigious as any other - sometimes even more so. People in one aspect or another of the construction industry - real estate developers, general contractors, subcontractors, designers and others - understand that litigation is today a virtually unavoidable part of the business.

Part II: Potential defenses to construction defect claims

Regular readers of our Mid-Atlantic Civil Litigation Defense Firm blog know that in a recent post we described one of the most effective defenses available in construction defect litigation. Quite simply, it is to make clear to the court that the other party does not have the legal right to sue.

Part II: Unraveling a sky-high construction defect dispute

Regular readers of our blog know that we recently discussed some of the ongoing problems with San Francisco's Millennium Tower. Two of the biggest problems: the 58-story residential scraper has sunk 17 inches in the past decade and the building is leaning 14 inches to the northwest.

Part I: Unraveling a sky-high construction defect dispute

There is no doubt that the Millennium Tower is sinking and tilting. What is in doubt is who is responsible for the construction defect plaguing San Francisco's blue-gray skyscraper. Since the primarily residential 58-story Millennium opened nearly a decade ago, it has sunk 17 inches and is leaning 14 inches to the northwest.

What does a construction defect claim mean to a contractor?

In the construction industry, construction defects are common. Correcting defective construction is already expensive, and a construction defect claim can pose a greater financial threat to a business or operation. Projects nationwide are impacted by defective construction and defective conditions. Lawsuits can be fought when the right defense(s) are identified.


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